Be careful what you wish for…

It is an old saying: “He chased her… until she caught him!”

Beaming on the dais of adulation, we present to you the products of the last several decades of Quigley’s formula[1]!

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Hillary Clinton’s Proudest Accomplishment

“My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I’m glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know. The remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn’t do that and I’m proud of that. Very proud. I would say that’s a major accomplishment.”

– Hillary Clinton, 11 March 2014

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Lament for a Nation, once free… now serfbound!

jsB in Bronze

I hear, not far off, the sad lament of a nation,

a people bereft of station,

and of the solemn liberty they formerly possessed,

with which they were blessed;

and instead,

serf bound,

jsB stressedwithout light,

without map,

they tread the road of dread;

for they’ve the broad way and the wide gate wed.

Such a people can no longer

hear the sound of hope,

regain the vision of such beauty,

or with moral strength elope.

For freedom they no longer  hunger,

or crave the founding mores;

for their burden it no longer bears,

serves not their cravings,

not their cares;

they imagine no resolution in eternal wonder

as once was painted, by the scores.


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Once again the ‘son of Ron Paul’ was brilliant…

It is one thing to fall into the hands of those whose only word is the appellation of “conspiracy nut”. It is another thing, and far better to follow your ‘off-the-cuff’ comment which sounds far-out, with a quote from the media… a quote which actually does not prove the statement you just finished but makes it sound completely plausible!

Rand Paul made a comment about his concern that his opponents hoped for a terrible event that they could blame on him, but made that comment a preface to the next true statement fact: that someone in the media had referred to the possibility that a terrible event might now be blamed on him [Paul]!

The two comments in order were brilliant. The first alone would have left him open to a hail storm of criticism. The second alone would have been ignored. But the two in that order were a powerful blast at the strategy of the enemies of both Paul and freedom, including the architects of tyranny and puppeteers of the Neocons, the CFR!

The two comments in order struck a hard blow at any hope a recidivist CFR and its minion Neocons in Congress might have to ‘false flag’ such an event, in order to sabotage the Rand ‘Anti-Fed’ Paul, upcoming campaign!

By a single paragraph, it became much more risky, to be seen as pulling off another ‘911’, in order to punctuate the supposed need for either more ‘big-brother’ Freedom Acts, or another ‘big-brother’ POTUS!

Never take for granted anything Rand Paul says! Every word which passes his lips must be circumspect. We are in the midst of a battle for liberty and against serfdom, the likes of which this land has never seen and apparently none but the founders contemplated!

At the core of that battle you will find the big ‘baby-buggy’ around which both parties have been circling their wagons: that treasure chest is the preservation of the FED and its purposed wealth transfer!

The heart of this FED-hydra animates every other facet of tyranny, from death and war, to big government and serfdom. Each of these heads attack instead of uphold, the God given Rights of the free men and women of this Republic!

It is for this reason that party lines become blurred in the votes and statements we hear. Do not be distracted by this predictable development.

It is also for this reason that I have repeatedly stated that the elections of 2008 and 2012, and now the election of 2016, were and will be, between but two candidates, not two parties! Those two candidates are…

Paul… and, un-Paul!

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it!

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“…Remove the possibility by prohibiting the possible! That is the making of a good bill.”

It matters not what the Act or bill or amendment states, or what the proponents state it states, and what they say they want it for or what they claim they will do with it!

Of sole significance to liberty, the security of the Republic, and adherence to the constitution, and therefore to any patriot or oath keeping member of congress, is precisely what is made possible by the wording rather than the wording on it’s face!

Therefore, remove the possibility by prohibiting the possible! That is the making of a good bill! That is the duty of the ‘oath-bound’ ‘watchmen on the wall’, faced with any bill on which he is duty bound to vote.

Look between the lines and behind the lines. That is where all deviants who regularly break oaths grant themselves unconstitutional power! That is how they pilfer the people’s wealth, and with alarming regularity, the people’s lives!

Next on the agenda of those who can best be described as globalists and Orwellian oath-breakers, or constitutionally challenged idiots, was to circle the wagons around their next ‘faux Act’, also with an Orwellian name! In this ‘Freedom act’ they all needed the same thing… a cover for the exposure their spying and tyranny received recently… especially a cover granting pretend constitutional legitimacy.

Odd, most of the FED backers will join the circle and support another unconstitutional Act, including the Canadian candidate for POTUS! Who saw that coming? (hit head)

It is all theater! It is not even good theater. It is painful, shameful, embarrassing theater, and the people are watching!

It becomes more amazing that these fat senators, so illustrative of the Roman Senate sitting on couches ‘sipping their juice’, looking down through the clouds below, from under which the masses faint rumble increases in fury, continue growing their gerth of impudence, their disdain of oath-keeping, and their craving of gain, all the while puffing and SenatePigspouting the disinformation of Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’.

What an out of touch, disingenuous, Orwellian, utopian, crowd of pigs they have become. They are ripe and begging to be removed from their cozy retirement homes in DC!

They are cowards running, one and all, sorely afraid to spill blood in the cause of protecting the God given Bill of Rights, but completely willing to spill blood to make the world their serfdom!

The only safety they are sworn to uphold is the safety of the Republic. Giving up the Republic and its God given freedom is the antithesis of that duty!

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it!

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The duty of providing safety is solely… the duty to preserve the Republic!

The duty of providing safety, so loudly touted by the warmongers who have become oath-breakers in congress, is in reality a duty to preserve the safety of the Republic!

It is a duty to defend as watchmen on the walls, the safety of liberty, regardless of the amount of blood required to water the tree of that Liberty!

Therefore the blather, the disinformation about making us safe, has become a contradiction with the congressional duty to protect liberty.

I do not see Congress proposing to bring the troops home so they do not get hurt, so they can be safe.

No, they instead attack the liberty for which the troops ostensibly are sent to kill, or die!

This contradiction has the blessing of Orwell, and has enjoyed so far the confusion of the masses!

Arguing that a policy of big Orwellian government is good or bad based on the presence or absence of attacks upon our soil, is not relevant to our God given Rights!

Patriots should clearly state, “bring it on”, to those who wish to chip away at the foundations of our Republic, who would arrogantly undermine our freedoms!

‘Bring it on, and we will find your supporter, your source, your country of origin!’ Our servant officers who respect the Bill of Rights are very good at this!

‘Bring it on… and learn what patriots shed to water the tree of liberty!’

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Once again we see the brilliance of the Paul campaign!

Another fantastic strategy once again engaged in by the Rand Paul campaign, calculated to defeat the CFR/Banker forces of evil which have for a century robbed the people into serfdom through the deceit of the false balance and counterfeit money. Such a strategy cannot but help defeat the enemy through their own stratagems! It has once again struck with full-on frontal attack and severe force!

Forget the fanciful details of a future bill… focus on the fight before us!

Forget trying to parse an unwritten and fictitious bill, which may in the end, if there is indeed victory for the Paul forces, never be written!

Opting instead for his father’s great economic genius, the founders wisdom, and the soundest change to true economic prosperity, could be a very real outcome of winning the white House!

What is that wisdom?

It is found in the famous debate question put to Ron Paul in hopes of confounding him: “Congressman Paul, if elected, would you eliminate the IRS?” His stunning answer was… “Immediately (and replace it with nothing)… but you can’t get rid of the IRS unless you first understand what the role of government ought to be!”

Therefore, the Paul campaign just made a brilliant chess move… again!

Announcing that they will trash the 70,000 pages of the IRS code, and end FICA withholding taxes, is one of the most powerful statements to an otherwise ignorant public, that a ‘believable’ candidate can make… the people understand the pain of the IRS to that extent, and are impressed by that commitment! It also overshadows the meek and disingenuous statements on that subject made by other big government candidates, essentially defusing and defanging their rhetoric!

The precinct electorate to whom Paul speaks do not understand the ‘replace with’ part, so it is not worth focusing on until we have the White House! Only when that transpires should the issue of replacing the IRS with NOTHING, and the issue of the lack of constitutional authority for any type of so-called ‘Flat-tax’, be debated. But you can rest assured this debate will last only just long enough to make it plain that the former succeeds overwhelmingly and the latter fails the test miserably!

Now is the time to focus on the ‘ridding us of the 70,000 pages’! Doing so, you will win friends and influence precincts! Forget about replacing the IRS with anything right now, for it confuses the voters you need, cannot be resolved before a bill need be written, and in the end will succumb to the vagaries of the new found freedom congress and the exigencies of the renewed Republic… in short, it is not an issue for the debate and, being revealed for the unconstitutional theft it was, sort itself out in time!

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