Losing faith in Rand? Sen. Paul is a well established fact, not a matter of belief!

Some, who loved Ron Paul and understandably hope for a Rand success, are now complaining about how the hot air candidates on stage seem to gain so much media love, fame and fortune.

All but one of thhk_z1520paulose on stage, were simply a grandstand of buffoonery by which the un-Pauls tried again to deceive the people.

Who would ever wish such fame upon a liberty and truth candidate like Sen. Rand Paul!? One shudders at the thought!

Why did you folks support Sen. Rand Paul in the first place?

Why are you impressed by the grandstanding of these buffoons “who think in slogans and talk in bullets.”? Why fall for the siren song of the scripted cheers and glory which always follows the hot air?

Learn to love the principles within the messages which speak truth to power! However small the voice I am still glad it was heard amidst the cacophony.

It should thrill every freedom lover to hear about the FED, and hear actual plans for restoring freedom and limited government.

That was the precise message Sen. Paul spoke! That has been his message all along. That is the message thousands of students have learned and love. Do we?

Everyone else on that stage was hot air, comedy central, pandering and back slapping, plagiarizing or whining. It is scripted to deceive the watching public! It was sad to watch, especially the ones who cannot read script well. It was as usual, ‘thin milk in the pulpit’!

Such a public which loves to cheer at buffoonery, and to which the buffoons think they pander, are not the makings of liberty, nor a crowd we need to impress with envy. We are taking our message to the real grassroots!

One thing of which the buffoons may be completely unaware, but of which the CFR is intensely displeased, is that the masses are beginning to tire of the pablum!

So let me help you with my approach to Sen. Paul…

If someone asks me if I believe in Rand Paul, I say, “No! No, not at all! Sen. Paul is too well established in truth to be a matter of faith!”

Why would any who understand the principles that Ron Paul taught, who live and breathe liberty concepts and how to return to freedom from serfdom, place faith in any candidate, let alone Sen. Paul or Congressman Ron Paul?!

A ‘Paul candidate’ seeks neither fame nor fortune, and certainly not deity! He is not the fountainhead of liberty! Such candidates are not the animus which enlightens and energizes the forces of freedom among the grassroots!

Freedom is!

Liberty is!

Anti-serfdom is!

Anti-FED is!

All that is about limited government and sound money is part of that force which animates us to fight! It is with those principles alone we can light the brushfires of liberty!

If we relied upon any one man for our fight for liberty it would be no different than worshipping that person, or bowing down to them for our safety… only to find we are just as serf-bound as before!

Get off your hind-end. Become the force which wins the day! Get off the couch and shed the appellation of potato, and you will immediately feel more free and energetic for liberty. You will sleep better for doing a fair day’s labor for the precinct education process… for the caucus process. That is something Sen. Rand Paul can never do for you or for me.

Instead, he is taking the flack expected and reserved for the ‘Paul side’ of this FED-centered two candidate, nomination! For his part, he is doing exactly what we need! He is receiving exactly the hatred and bias and exclusion we expected.

It is a badge of honor. It helps the cause of liberty. It is the result of truth to power, in the face of the enemy of truth!

It is the tell-tale sign of the anti-FED candidate!

It means he is beating them at their own game and they know it! It means they are helpless against liberty… the truth which has reached its day!

Did you really expect a different reception for someone leading the charge in congress against the FED? Against the HYDRA of all the heads of tyranny, a charge for all the marbles, a charge towards all that means liberty?!

Come on now folks! Buck up and take it! It is what it is. It is what fighting for liberty is all about, in an age when Truth has become Treason because we have become an Empire of Lies.


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