Dear Ron Paul supporters, Is it really necessary that Ron Paul keep repeating himself?

Reading on the Popular Liberty site the story of Rand Paul driving himself through Iowa reminds me of Ron carrying his luggage through the airports… by himself, of course.

Folks, this Senator named Rand Paul stood at his father’s side from the age of eleven!

His dad, Ron Paul, according to several prominent writers, ‘The greatest congressman in the history of the USA RonRandfor many reasons’, educated the grassroots all over this land during his many years in and out of congress. All the while, the young Rand Paul was at his side.

By his own statements, Ron Paul did not much care for the political process, but said that young Rand loved it. He immersed himself in the down-to-earth door-knocking fights which have marked the political processes in this country for more than a century.

That same young, politically savvy Rand, taking his father’s principles and blending them with the political war chest necessary to carry out an effective campaign chess strategy, a textbook process spanning several years and three election cycles, is now fighting for your liberty, our freedom. He could use our help, just as when he helped his dad as a youngster.

Though possessed of different hair style, which irritates some Ron Paul folks who can’t see past the hair, gifted with different voice and demeanor, which irritates more Ron Paul folks who cannot see past the style, Rand, like his father before him, has now stirred up a hornets’ nest of warmongering FED lovers who had only recently recovered from their extremely irritating, Ron Paul 2008 and 2012, fright!

Rand Paul now picks up where Ron Paul left off, but really irritating the beast out of the old boys at the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the FED! This anger and angst is magnified to an even greater degree since he has thus far beaten them using their own political game… which irritates another subset of still dejected Ron Paul folks who can’t handle someone with the real will to fight, or can’t handle rejection, or maybe just plain success, when gained using stratagems’!

The Neocons who desperately crave the FED and fight to save it, who love wealth more than both the life blood of our boys in arms and the beleaguered sovereign countries they invade, are livid at Rand Paul for daring to reveal, however subtly, his unanimity with Ron Paul… antipathy towards the thieving FED, anger towards oath-breaking unconstitutional warmongers, and alarm bells about the wasted wealth extracted from a middle class people now turned serfs!

What else must we have proven, or how much more must the people suffer, before finally being thankful that we again have a true liberty candidate in Rand Paul, and start pitching in to help win this nomination?

How many times must the great doctor repeat to you all that he fully supports Senator Rand Paul not because he is his son, but because Ron Paul says, “I have seen no better candidate in the past several decades”… and “he believes the same as me but does it better than me!”Rand-and-Ron-2-300x200

Dear Ron Paul supporters, to support Rand Paul do you really think it necessary that Ron Paul keep repeating himself?

Freedom is not just the motive of his many books. Freedom is to Ron Paul a most precious gift from God, something to be shepherded, something with which he does not trifle! I consider the import of his endorsement of Rand Paul to be of the same magnitude!

He said it once and clearly for me… that is a most sufficient endorsement!


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