The importance of the Paul nomination and congressional races… DWARFS the TPP!

This is certainly NOT to say the TPP is OK, that it is not evil, not unconstitutional, or not destructive of the Republic. What I do say I base upon the strength and nature of the constitution itself!

Very few things can take the place of our elections in magnitude! Nothing but the Constitution including the Bill of Rights, enjoys freedom from tampering, alteration and undoing, if we were to take the White House. This includes the FAUX TPP! Anything other than the constitution itself can be quickly UNDONE by the next administration.

Its architects, including Mrs. Cruz, know this well! For this reason the nomination of TweedleDee/Dum over Paul, is of extreme importance in their minds, notwithstanding their attempts at obfuscation, smoke and mirrors, wars, treaties, shootings, or misfiring hurricanes!

Nothing in the TPP possesses the force of law if unconstitutional! The whole TPP, by its very secrecy, is ULTRA VIRES, ‘Without the Power’, and has no force unless the congress and the people willingly go along with its tyranny! Yes, it rests with the people and their representatives, to acquiesce to tyranny.

The upcoming attempts at passage by up and down vote should be considered unconstitutional, worthy of attack and defeat. And I do not forget that Rubio cast the deciding vote in favor of the unconstitutional ‘up-and-down voting’! But I would never consider it of greater importance than our fight for choice of nominee, and how we secure the congress and White House for liberty.

To put it concisely… nothing trumps ‘seizing the nomination’!

That is the sum and substance of our present battle lines, our present dire straits, our call to action! If we win the nomination we win a landslide with the aid of millions of relieved voters who would vote liberty from all parties but have not had the opportunity for decades!

The battle of ‘Paul vs. un-Paul’ looms before us. It is set in array, smack in the middle of a chapter of history started by an unimposing figure of a humble patriot congressman from Texas. The rise and fall of not just a nation, but freedom itself, turns on this fight!

It is of far greater moment than any other distraction into which we might be tempted to turn. Every head spawned of the FED hydra can expect to be chopped off, or fed, depending upon the outcome!

Lend a helping hand to your congress as they put up a token cry against the TPP, but remember that its purpose is ultra vires, unless the next White House and congress, backed by the apathy of the people, leave it to spawn, and grow into the tyranny intended!

There is nothing of greater temporal importance than the outcome of our liberty fight!

Our battlefront, of the most singular importance nearly in all of our history, must now be seen as the nomination of Rand Paul instead of the ‘un-Paul’!

It is of far greater import than the general election, which will either be a landslide for Rand Paul and liberty… or just another strutting peacock match for bragging rights, amidst the one party duo of TweedleDee/Dum!


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