And I say… If you are not with Rand you are against Rand!

It was recently stated, “There are many shades of support. It is not one of those GW Bush, ‘with me or against me’ type of things.”

Yes, it certainly is! When it comes to nomination-politics in the GOP today, I say to the electorate the same as one might say to each of the other candidates… if you are not with Rand you are against Rand!

That’s the fact and nature of the nomination beast!

If the nomination is not secured by Sen. Rand Paul, the ‘Hun’ will once again soil the Oval office! No question. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!

If Sen. Rand Paul wins the nomination process in the GOP, there will be a landslide in his favor! No question about it! Just as there would have been for Ron Paul, had he won the nomination process. Check the independent numbers along with the many in both parties who would support a liberty candidate in the general election for POTUS… but I digress.

Why do you think the Neocon-RNC lied, cheated, stole, and corrupted the process so violently… to prevent a loss of the nomination and therefore the Oval office. That would mean the death knell for the FED!

A Rand win in the nomination is for the same reason, unthinkable to the Neocons at the CFR!

So it will be the same with Sen. Rand Paul as it was with Congressman Ron Paul! The corrupt GOP are gearing up again to do the same… only this time the particular Paul who is running is very unlike the Paul who ran before… in this sense: this Rand Paul fellow loves the political fight and not just the education process. He spent his youth honing these political skills!

As I stated in a previous article (…), the whole shtick of Donald-Ross-Trumpet-Buffoon-Pero is the same as it was with Ross Pero in 1992 against then candidate Bo Gritz… and that now is to distract from the nomination in order to prevent a Rand Paul victory. And if that doesn’t work, to form a third party to head him off at the pass before he arrives at the Oval office!

Losing the nomination is possible if the Rand forces are unable to marshal enough caucus power going into the convention process in each state, and that is still very doable for Sen. Paul. But the latter, Trump splitting the vote for a ‘Hun’ win against Sen. Paul is not so easy for Donald-Ross-Trumpet-Buffoon-Pero. The forces for liberty are much greater thanks to the years of Ron Paul’s education process. The combined Dems, Independents, and Repubs voting for Rand, will cause a third party to go as un-noticed as all the rest of the hundred ‘third’ parties have been for years!

So, being ‘not with Rand’ in this case, in all likelihood, means a repeat of 2008 and 2012. The CFR/Neocon/corrupt RNC/DNC will not need in that case, the Donald-Ross-Trumpet-Buffoon-Pero, except for show and bragging rights for the ‘HUN’ as she flushes another GOP nominee into political oblivion in her continuation of Carroll Quigley’s prophecy!

Being ‘for’ Sen. Paul, in all likelihood, due the reasons above which differ, and especially the increased name recognition and size of total national voter appeal, translates into a greater maximum force for seizing the prize in the caucuses… the only prize of value at the moment… the nomination! The CFR/Neocon/corrupt RNC/DNC will, in this case, need the Donald-Ross-Trumpet-Buffoon-Pero!

But it will be too late! The Carroll Quigley prophecy can at last, fail. We win. Freedom wins. Liberty wins. The FED looses!

Yes, the FED looses and so do each and every one of the politically connected corporate fascists who have received ill-gotten gain for a century, and called it wealth!

It was, is, and always will be an abomination, a counterfeiting theft. However, a fairly complex but doable algorithm might restore that wealth to the poor and middle class et al, from whom it was pilfered.

But the results of the proceeds of that ill-gotten gain in terms of a century of unjust war and its victims… not doable!

When will that stop?

At this point, any other candidate of the dozens clamoring is not even relevant. The whole show for POTUS, as it was in 2008 and 2012, is between but TWO candidates… Paul vs. un-Paul!

So, what do you tell your precincts before going into the caucuses this coming year?

Whom should they support?

Nothing?… Nobody?

How has that hope and change been for you? Are you ready for the biggest depression in world history? How about for the class warfare and dialectical response to the planned chaos? Ready for being force-fed from the most prosperous and largest nation in history, into a small serfdom; for being picked over by the vultures of nations grown fat already on gold grabbed up with counterfeit Federal Reserve notes? Ready not just for tough times, but for an entirely new era of dark ages?

Or would you rather just keep life simple and restore the constitution in the manner Ron Paul has written down and always recommended?!


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