Declare ye this day.. On which side of the line of history do you stand? With Ron and Rand, or with the FED and CFR?

To those who continually complain about things of which Ron Paul does not, those who ‘re-publish’ garbage from the Neocon media which was obviously designed as disinformation for the ears of the couch potatoes, as if we do not already know these lies exist… where do you really stand in your day to day grassroots existence? One must ask, ‘Are you really freedom’s roots at all’?

Is there really so much precious time you can waste in the cause of liberty, as to not be able to focus on the fight before us… the precinct and caucus fight for the nomination? You seem capable of continually demonstrating your interpretation of the cause of liberty and where you stand in our present, very real and critical fight… It apparently is not with Ron Paul. He stands with Rand! Ron Paul supports the Rand Paul money bombs!

The attacks on Rand at this stage of the fight are without merit, unless you are actually supporting a Neocon… the Tweedledee or Tweedledum repeat charade!

One begins to wonder… Where might your real allegiance be? What unknown, soon to become forgotten by history Tweedledee/dum, do you support?

I urge you to listen to Ron Paul on the subject of Rand Paul. It is everywhere available. You might become convinced that Rand is not only the candidate of the present, but also the best and actually good, hope to seize the nomination!

Further he is clearly the only candidate threatening a very real defeat of the Neocon machine, including the only candidate polling nationally ahead of the ‘Hun’… which (duh) happens to be exactly why they are hinting at throwing her under the bus, to test other ‘has-beens’ for viability against Sen. Paul!

Of course there would be no need to replace the ‘Hun’ with anyone else if there is no Rand Paul in the race… the rest are ‘octuplets x2’, all from the same Neocon DNA. They have not a ghost of a chance at beating the ‘Hun’, the senile Biden, or the ‘en-Gorged’, (still sitting in his ark talking about the earth flooding again from melting ice caps). Then again, Donald the Trumpet Buffoon Perot is campaigning actually for the ‘Hun’ so don’t get your hopes up there!

Rand winning the nomination, at this point has less to do with former Ron Paul backers than with the general GOP couch potato membership. It has everything to do with getting into the precincts for Rand in an hour when more GOP’ers support anti-establishment for the caucus nomination, than at any time in their history.

Having won the nomination, which by the way has nothing to do with polls, the few Ron Pauler’s not yet supporting Rand will without doubt vote for the ‘Rand-slide’ which will follow in the general election! Having already captured the base and couch potatoes of the GOP, the independents who understand liberty and the democrats who also love liberty will make this election the biggest landslide in history!

The former Ron Pauler’s will not be a significant percentage of that vote, but could help in the precincts right now… but that is something some of you seem to greatly discourage… in favor of what? A vacuousness and more of the status quo?

You would do well for yourselves, as well as for the cause of liberty, to present solutions at least as good as Ron Paul’s current course of action. He endorses Rand 100%! You demean only yourself when you spend so much time and hot air on propaganda against the grassroots efforts to get the nomination for Rand.

Support Sen. Paul, even if just for Ron Paul’s sake then, if it is the cause of liberty then that really offends you?!

One would hope not! But maybe it is that you are just frustrated with not having understood the strategy which the Pauls have found it necessary to invoke in order to fight the Neocon machine. No one said the cause of the fight for liberty would only result in shed blood! It results also in shed friends, fortunes and reputation, mostly at the hands of those who did not understand the real dangers of the liberty fight!

These real liberty patriots we support, like Rand Paul, have pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Let us at least not impugn their honor, just because we have not understood the critical strategy required to circumvent the lies of the Neocon enemy in this decades long, multiple election cycle, fight for the nomination, and termination of the FED!

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it!


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