Did you support Ron Paul… but now you’ve lost hope? Your tomorrow… is guided by your actions today!

If you supported Ron Paul, that’s GREAT!

Then you helped create the greatest awakening of liberty in over 100 years!

Never think that nothing was gained solely because Ron Paul did not become president!! Though there is little precious time to reminisce, you should read his books and listen to his last speech to congress, and you will see that he knew and lived the truth of what I am saying, for it is his teaching which made it plain.

Ron Paul lived to educate, but not to run the political chess game needed today against the Neocons. Ron Paul also said that Rand Paul from his youth loved that fight!

Rand Paul is now the politician in the trenches with the chess strategy absolutely necessary for fighting evil men who breathe corruption, steal wealth, believe in putting ill-gotten gains to the murder of humans around the globe and in the womb for the last 100 years, and who continue to deceive with every calculated debate word they breathe!

Ron Paul says Rand Paul ‘plays this chess game far better than he did, AND that they are 100% the same on principles’.

Ron Paul fought to educate and steer a listening grassroots in the direction of a return to liberty. He knew well the immense decay already permeating America and her institutions, as well the tremendous mountain of work the grassroots needs to overcome in order to achieve liberty once again.

Ron Paul knows, as should we, that ‘serfs’ are stubborn students when facing a teacher of personal responsibility, and that such a people is hardly able to return to liberty!

But Ron Paul did not stop with knowing. He also taught the right path for serfs to return, and inspired them with the hope necessary to that end!

Unfortunately many of the serfs began to see in Dr. Ron Paul ‘a king to rule over us’ and ‘keep us safe’ from tyranny, the great and righteous sensei, or the one to be the newer and better ‘Lord of the Serfs’!

Many of the Ron Paul faithful lost sight of the teacher who humbly showed them the way back to personal responsibility, without which there can be no liberty! They lost sight of hope, and the path to that hope so clearly explained.

Since then many have dissolved into a relatively inactive mass awaiting the clone of Ron Paul. They did not hear him say they need to become the really good candidates! They did not remember him saying it is now time to take both POTUS as well as congress!

The former, the Ron Paul for whom so many worked in 2008 and 2012 no longer exists as a candidate.

But the duty of which he spoke has become a matter of the life and death of liberty!

That duty requires personal responsibility and an adherence to the plain path afforded by the founders through the constitution, the principles which lead back to freedom! This was clearly stated many times by Congressman Paul.

If you are one of whom I speak, and you see this path, you will also see that we have before us, in the words of Ron Paul, “the best candidate for president, in decades”!

Rand Paul is right now awaiting election through the efforts of that sole group possessing the power to elect… the precincts… the people… through the caucus and write in process!

This is easily accomplished, and with a minority of persons, patriots dedicated to spreading brush-fires of liberty through those precincts!

How is this possible?

You and I could go on for hours listing the gains from Ron Paul’s life, especially his runs of 2008 and 2012, regardless of his motives and regardless of the perceptions of the grassroots who helped!

A couple important facts come to mind however:

1) You here on DP/Popular Liberty, are here writing and hoping about something maybe you or your parents or neighbors, had not known about for years, if not their entire lives! Some of that is a result of Ron Paul’s hard work… which work likely also attracted you in that it was performed in the face of Orwellian government, a corrupt media, a thieving FED!

2) The biggest growth in US history, of on campus student political groups, has been in large part achieved due to Ron Paul’s efforts supported by none other than you, together with thousands more, regardless of whether you knew it or whether you thought you were solely fighting for the office of POTUS! These gains on campuses are a fulfillment of just one of the many principles of which Ron Paul always spoke… the need for the students and universities to become forces for liberty! Without them nothing will change away from serfdom back to freedom!

This has happened because you helped!

So if you do not see the future so bright, ask yourself, “what is wrong with my outlook”?

“Why did the founders, in the face of far greater hopelessness, not stumble and fall into dismay like me”?

Could it be that you have fallen into a trap, a trap of thinking your reality today is guided by your future of tomorrow?

You should be guided, as is Ron Paul, by the certain knowledge and truth that your tomorrow, temporally speaking, is guided by your actions today!

No change to liberty ever took place, and no growth of freedom for which we hope today will ever take place, without a blood, sweat and tears sacrifice as magnificent as the founders!

Such a sacrifice needs engagement with total effort this very day, regardless the false visions of failure which might tempt us into malaise and idleness!

Your duty is clear. Ron Paul made it so!

However it is your duty to shoulder, not his!


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