‘Donald Ross-the-Trumpet-Buffoon Perot’ rises from the Clinton Bushes again!

No, the ‘Trumpet Buffoon’ is not very interesting as some seem to be lulled or mesmerized into thinking. But his handlers are, and even more so, their repeat of their old trick from 1992.

Bill, Hillary, George, George, and Jeb, are up to their old tricks again, carried out so perfectly in 1992. It was then that they perfected this tactic and it worked as it might again now… to a tee!

This time it is with their good buddy, Clinton and Bush accomplice, Donald the Trumpet.

Of course the then best friend nominated to the CFR by George Bush, fishing buddy of the Clinton’s, a corporate fascist enriched through phony contracts from the serfdom of Rockefeller’s NY city, who then filled the ‘Super Duper Rich man’s Buffoon Talk the Talk role’, to fool the couch potatoes away from Bo Gritz’s expose’ of the Bush drug connection was… Ross Perot!

Good ol’ globalist Perot then handed off his lemmings to the Bush gang for the nomination… which is, no doubt at all, one of the Trump plans… that is if he doesn’t get enough traction to go third party and pull the 1912 GOP split to get the FED passed by Wilson!

Trump is just plagiarizing and copying the Ross Perot political deceiver and globalist, and for the exact same purpose, and in the same manner… just that a generation or two has passed, so the couch potatoes enamored once again with a new buffoon, might just fall for it again!

Only this time it is for all the marbles, for the greatest baby both parties, all the banks, the CFR, and those so illusive international money lenders who crave FED based FRN global hegemony… need to keep safe and sound… their precious FED!

And the enemy of all enemies, of that very FED baby around which they circle their wagons, who needs to be stopped at the nomination, the greatest threat to gain the nomination and the most support from all parties, is once again a PAUL!

Of course nothing really of substance constitutionally will be stated by Trump… nothing about ending the FED, ending NSA, the Patriot Act, bringing the troops home…. no, only rhetoric and… I’ve got billions to blow on this, I’m combative about whatever sounds good to frustrated people who grew up without studying the constitution, and I am crude and rude, loud and beautiful, and love models and my own face… so of course, vote for me!

And the lemmings do just that, expecting a different outcome, while following the same ‘Pied Party Piper’s pitch’!

Does one really need to opine on this site, ‘don’t fall for it’?

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it!


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