Forget anti-Paul, Fed-lover rags! …Ron Paul and Rand Paul are 100% the same… same page, same foreign policy!

Disinformation and propaganda articles have something in common these days… they all seem to obfuscate the real tragedy of the evil of the FED, and alternatively attack candidates with the last name of Paul!

The recent article from the Daily Beast ‘Rag’, titled ‘Ron Paul’s Passive-Aggressive Campaign Against Rand Paul’, is pathognomonic of the same disease:

They manifest a symptom picture which presents as either 1) Pro Fed and anti Paul, or, 2) manifests severe disability, unable to either actually read the faux would-be treaty, or hold any attention span covering the details of Sen. Paul’s wording of reasons for not supporting said treaty attempt!

Their principle quote attributed to Dr. Ron Paul, “If anybody listened to any of my speeches over the last five or ten years, I advocate diplomacy! A long time before you advocate war!”, has in essence been stated repeatedly by Sen. Rand Paul!

Sen. Paul has been so clear on this that I would seriously blush if caught passing on this attack article, and even hesitate to mention it in a site dedicated to electing one Paul or another, and during such a deadly serious battle for the nomination!

That anti-Paul ‘rag’ has been misquoting Rand Paul, using statements far out of context, and in general scraping the bottom of the disinformation barrel for some time now! The quote the article tries to mis-align with Sen. Paul was cut and pasted out of context. It was taken from Rand Paul’s Senate race and had nothing to do with voting for or against an ill-prepared big-Gov bully attempt… it had everything to do with the same thing he believes today… Iran has not attacked anyone in 500 years and has no ability to invade the US… so negotiate if you have a problem with them.

The current faux treaty/corporate-fascist-enriching project, touted as a deal, should be considered unconstitutional, but also very good for those lobbying, politically connected buddies of the FED!

Opposing the deal, and I would also, is simply a strategic but also constitutional exercise… notwithstanding the USA has no business invading or regulating a NNPT signatory sovereign nation. Sen. Paul, in saying the treaty to be voted on was worse than what we have now, did not say what we have now is constitutional! Why bother and confuse the couch potatoes when it is not at issue!

Dr. Ron Paul has expressed plainly the principles of non-intervention, trade, and negotiation, with Iran as with all countries… he never said he would vote for this particular faux treaty if he were in the Senate. He has wisely refrained from attacking either the principles which he and Rand have long held, and at the same time avoided damaging Sen. Paul directly by unnecessary argument over the nuances of this vote! Imagine how large the headlines from this and other FED-lover rags would be if he had actually descended into discussing the merits of Sen. Paul’s every comment. They would love his input as it is the worst thing in which to engage when facing a serious enemy!

There is a reason the ‘Tokyo Rose’s’ of wars past incur the wrath of their targets of disinformation. It is the same with the Tokyo Rose’s of battles for nominations, on which outcome literally rests the lives, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness, of millions!

By the same token Sen. Paul has not directly addressed his father’s theoretical vote on this since it would do nothing but obfuscate the issue, muddy the water of strategic clarity needed to win voters in the GOP nomination, and confuse the many who haven’t a clue about parsing either the faux treaty, the vote, or the constitution!

Believe me, these ‘rags’ which seek to obfuscate truth, and through disinformation try to dismiss the liberty appeal and success of Sen. Rand Paul by saying he has broken with his forebear, or lost his dad’s supporters and therefore destroyed his campaign, know this is disinformation! They are like the insurance salesmen who convince you that you need his wares, but goes back to his office chart on the wall, and smiles at his profits as he observes the graph showing the fact that you do not!

These ‘rags’ and the FED lovers who own them, are actually frustrated that the opposite has occurred! Most of Ron Paul’s supporters understand the principles as well the strategy needed to implement! But these ‘rags’ would like nothing better than to try associating Sen. Paul with the ‘crazy old man’ lies they used to distance Congressman Ron Paul from the nomination couch potatoes! They hoped Rand Paul would actually buy into the trap of associating with their version of Ron Paul. They are livid that we have found a way to use their own tactics to do the opposite!

It’s all about strategy. Do not be confused by the vote and rhetoric. This is not an educational project. This is a battle for the nomination this time, which has been strategized for over 8 years!

The cause is precious! The focus of the grassroots on understanding detail, duty, and strategy, should also be!

The precincts are what should be coming into the grassroots focus about now! What will you say to them? The ‘rag’ story? Of whom will you encourage them to read, and for whom to cast their nomination vote?

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it!


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