Many ‘Ron Paul enlightened’ are taking the poisoned pawn. Don’t touch it… Focus!

In Chess, if you take the offered, free pawn… the poisoIn Chessned pawn… you lose the game!

This fight in which we are engaged is not at all as some seem to imagine… a dainty touch of the toe in waters of philosophical dissent, which titillates some weekend patriots who claim Ron Paul alliance. No, this is a most serious and deadly fight for liberty. It is a struggle for freedom over serfdom, for life over drone death, for preservation of ‘that which God hath given a man to enjlambert-koopmansoy of the fruit of his labor, but he cannot… for another taketh it from him!’

Every breath Donald the Trumpet Buffoon Perot takes, even when silent, exudes disinformation! That is because he is only one head of the hydra making up the un-Paul candidate. There are only two candidates in this whole race, the same as 2008 and 2012! They are Paul vs. un-Paul! Never forget this!

Everything emanating from these ‘un-Paul’ Buffoons, seen or not seen, heard or not heard, is focused intently upon a singular goal… to deceive you into either lethargy, malaise, or endless irrelevant discussion; all while urging your focus on reading their lips and singing their tunes!

Why, you ask? Because both parties, collectively the ‘un-Paul candidate’, must stop the first ever candidate who is a realistic death sentence for the FED! (the ‘Paul candidate’)

It is right now, a time of the greatest moment. It is a moment of time 100 years in the making!

It has been brought to you in large part by Dr. Ron Paul!ron-paul-end-the-fed-1

In the past 100 years this is the closest to the nomination a candidate of Truth, with proven End-the-Fed intentions, has come!

This means Carroll Quigley’s ‘un-Pauls’ are closer than ever to losing their big baby… the Federal Reserve counterfeiting machine! It is the ‘fiat-gift-giving-hydra that keeps on giving’! It is the Hydra that birthed every evil head which now plagues a once free people and pushes them daily, closer to total serfdom!

Consider that all the wars of the 20th century, entirely funded and made possible by that FED hydra, now pale in comparison to the seriousness of this nomination threat to their hegemony! That is serious awesomeness! That is a real fight to the death, for it involves untold millions of innocent lives!

Both parties are akin in their machinations to keep one person, one idea, from the nomination. If Senator Paul should win that nomination, that idea will reach it’s time and could not be stopped!

There is no doubt that the election ends with the GOP nomination… both parties have always known this.

A Paul gaining the nomination means a landslide of independents, blue Republicans, and Republicans!

Un-Paul gaining the nomination means Tweedledee or Tweedledum! To the serfs, even serfs with cool toys, it matters not which!

It is a two candidate race… Paul vs. un-Paul!

The reason you will see Biden or other democrats jumping into and out of the mix, is because RAND PAUL HAS BEEN LEADING THE HUN ON HER OWN TURF, alone and consistently!

But remember, every one of the other GOP candidates are the same as the HUN and company… they are each a small part of the ‘un-Paul’ candidate!

They are panicking and changing up the mix to find someone who can stop the ‘Paul’ idea!

NEVERMNakamura vs Neff2IND THE MEDIA HYPE AND THE BUFFOONS! They are all part of the design, the script, and part of the poisoned pawn!

Don’t take it! You will lose the game!

Proof that Rand is leading: They are constantly threatening a shakeup of candidates, the obligatory media Paul-blackout is in full swing, the Cruzer and company are copying every idea Rand Paul has put forward as best they can without real committment, and the Trumpet is changing his song and reinventing himself with every breeze, trying to get traction from more people out there than just his hired actors!

Drop the discussions on anything the Buffoons say or leave unsaid… You will be playing their ‘un-Paul’ game.

What should be the focus of a TRonPaul Book lg poster from 2008 Conventionruth to Power grassroots who are engaged in this fight?

A good start for action would be focused on exactly the principles Rand Paul and Ron Paul state! Use Ron Paul’s farewell speech, his ‘Manifesto’, the last chapter in End the Fed, all of which make great action outlines!

That is what you tell the grassroots in preparation for the caucuses, which will bring truth to power out of the precincts!


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