NO… Rand Paul is NOT doing poorly in the polls!

The polls are ‘doing poorly by Senator Paul’!

They are, and have always been by their very nature, tools of propaganda and disinforhk_z1520paulmation! They are not thermometers or barometers of grassroots, public, or electorate, opinion.

Polls are the harbingers of a foregone conclusion, the untimely offspring of the dialectically driven outcome, the dreams of global craving tyrants throughout the ages.

These same machinations have only been borrowed to the same end, though driven to a finer perfection, by the modern day Neocons.

The one thing polls always hide is their real motive!

Of course. It is the same with bills written on the floor of congress! Why would anyone in their right mind, in a land of the free who are obligated to stand on the walls as watchmen against tyrants, even imagine anything otherwise!

Polls are by their very nature, NOT designed to inform!

They are designed to misinform and manipulate mass opinion through propaganda… yes through coercing and massaging false statements of fact, therefore hoping to influence the frontal lobes of voters into moving their arm and hand in a certain direction on the ballot… regardless of truth, of danger, of outcome!

This is the precise mechanism behind the frantic steps being taken by the RNC and some state GOP parties, to alter the nomination process. They seek through their machinations, a money and propaganda massaged vote of the masses from which they can claim support for their predetermined nominee. From this immoral high ground, they plan again to destroy the grassroots focused caucus process, in order, once again, to secure their ‘anointed one’ nominee outcome to whom the delegates, they hope, will be bound.

As such, in the battle before us, the battle for liberty where all our freedoms hang in the balance, in which battle the very future of our offspring hangs between the life of freemen or lives of serfdom, we are duty bound to do all we can to manipulate these cannon tools of propaganda in the direction of liberty, against the motives of the tyrants, rather than standing idly by and watching them be discharged full in the face of freemen everywhere, discharged fully against liberty!

Senator Paul has been soiling his hands, arms and sleeves, and enduring slander and character assassination for several years nrand-paul-1ow, in this battle of mud and slime… all to win freedom in the end. It is time the Ron Paul grassroots did likewise! It is time the grassroots learned the art of political warfare!

“You pray, but pass me the bullets!”, should be the response of all who have already been educated by Ron Paul in all the many principles of constitutional servant governance!

It is now time to recognize the only real difference between the master teacher, and the Senator: the former spoke truth to power, and continues to teach what is needed to serve the people’s liberty; the latter has taken up the subtlety, the strategy, the dirt, the grime, and blood sacrifice of this battle, aimed to achieve that victory!

There is a significant difference! We have the truest word of Ron Paul, that Senator Rand Paul is better at the latter than he, by far!

But we are not there yet friends! The battle is far from over. It is ‘Midway’ once again!


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