Once again the ‘son of Ron Paul’ was brilliant…

It is one thing to fall into the hands of those whose only word is the appellation of “conspiracy nut”. It is another thing, and far better to follow your ‘off-the-cuff’ comment which sounds far-out, with a quote from the media… a quote which actually does not prove the statement you just finished but makes it sound completely plausible!

Rand Paul made a comment about his concern that his opponents hoped for a terrible event that they could blame on him, but made that comment a preface to the next true statement fact: that someone in the media had referred to the possibility that a terrible event might now be blamed on him [Paul]!

The two comments in order were brilliant. The first alone would have left him open to a hail storm of criticism. The second alone would have been ignored. But the two in that order were a powerful blast at the strategy of the enemies of both Paul and freedom, including the architects of tyranny and puppeteers of the Neocons, the CFR!

The two comments in order struck a hard blow at any hope a recidivist CFR and its minion Neocons in Congress might have to ‘false flag’ such an event, in order to sabotage the Rand ‘Anti-Fed’ Paul, upcoming campaign!

By a single paragraph, it became much more risky, to be seen as pulling off another ‘911’, in order to punctuate the supposed need for either more ‘big-brother’ Freedom Acts, or another ‘big-brother’ POTUS!

Never take for granted anything Rand Paul says! Every word which passes his lips must be circumspect. We are in the midst of a battle for liberty and against serfdom, the likes of which this land has never seen and apparently none but the founders contemplated!

At the core of that battle you will find the big ‘baby-buggy’ around which both parties have been circling their wagons: that treasure chest is the preservation of the FED and its purposed wealth transfer!

The heart of this FED-hydra animates every other facet of tyranny, from death and war, to big government and serfdom. Each of these heads attack instead of uphold, the God given Rights of the free men and women of this Republic!

It is for this reason that party lines become blurred in the votes and statements we hear. Do not be distracted by this predictable development.

It is also for this reason that I have repeatedly stated that the elections of 2008 and 2012, and now the election of 2016, were and will be, between but two candidates, not two parties! Those two candidates are…

Paul… and, un-Paul!

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it!


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