Once again we see the brilliance of the Paul campaign!

Another fantastic strategy once again engaged in by the Rand Paul campaign, calculated to defeat the CFR/Banker forces of evil which have for a century robbed the people into serfdom through the deceit of the false balance and counterfeit money. Such a strategy cannot but help defeat the enemy through their own stratagems! It has once again struck with full-on frontal attack and severe force!

Forget the fanciful details of a future bill… focus on the fight before us!

Forget trying to parse an unwritten and fictitious bill, which may in the end, if there is indeed victory for the Paul forces, never be written!

Opting instead for his father’s great economic genius, the founders wisdom, and the soundest change to true economic prosperity, could be a very real outcome of winning the white House!

What is that wisdom?

It is found in the famous debate question put to Ron Paul in hopes of confounding him: “Congressman Paul, if elected, would you eliminate the IRS?” His stunning answer was… “Immediately (and replace it with nothing)… but you can’t get rid of the IRS unless you first understand what the role of government ought to be!”

Therefore, the Paul campaign just made a brilliant chess move… again!

Announcing that they will trash the 70,000 pages of the IRS code, and end FICA withholding taxes, is one of the most powerful statements to an otherwise ignorant public, that a ‘believable’ candidate can make… the people understand the pain of the IRS to that extent, and are impressed by that commitment! It also overshadows the meek and disingenuous statements on that subject made by other big government candidates, essentially defusing and defanging their rhetoric!

The precinct electorate to whom Paul speaks do not understand the ‘replace with’ part, so it is not worth focusing on until we have the White House! Only when that transpires should the issue of replacing the IRS with NOTHING, and the issue of the lack of constitutional authority for any type of so-called ‘Flat-tax’, be debated. But you can rest assured this debate will last only just long enough to make it plain that the former succeeds overwhelmingly and the latter fails the test miserably!

Now is the time to focus on the ‘ridding us of the 70,000 pages’! Doing so, you will win friends and influence precincts! Forget about replacing the IRS with anything right now, for it confuses the voters you need, cannot be resolved before a bill need be written, and in the end will succumb to the vagaries of the new found freedom congress and the exigencies of the renewed Republic… in short, it is not an issue for the debate and, being revealed for the unconstitutional theft it was, sort itself out in time!


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