Rand Paul is right… of course we knew this all along…

Or did Popular Liberty ever know this? Did no one pay attention when Ron Paul praised the job Sen. Rand Paul is doing in fighting the battle for freedom!?

One wonders, what with all the passing on of propaganda polls and hit articles which carry not a stitch of truth, to be read and time-wasted in debate here, on a premier Liberty website!

These articles generally are only slander and doubt cast by the ‘Tokyo Roses’ of the ‘stop-Rand-and-Protect-the-FED-at-all-cost’, team!

The good news is that they are attacking in waves! He is at this moment, the premier candidate to take out. He is feared by all who live and die by the FED. He is a Paul, and as such remains the only candidate who is so feared!

Sen. Rand Paul is the only candidate they need to take out of the nomination fight! After that, it is all over for liberty once again, and the much predicted collapse and seizure of power begins, only without anyone in a position to steer the country along constitutional solution paths, as Ron Paul has always urged.

The only candidate currently leading that fight and headed in the right direction, is Sen. Rand Paul.

He will not win the nomination unless we all hit the grassroots in force! Waiting is the same as voting against freedom and liberty.

Orwell and Utopia are myths to liberty. However, they are the food off which this land is feeding and dying.

What will you tell your neighbors this week? Next week it will be too late!

When they see no more food in the market place, lacking the ideas of constitutional liberty, they will riot. In rioting they will have become more than just serfs of the Jacobin’s; they will have fallen for the hook of the Neocons, and the heart of this experiment in freedom will cease beating.


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