“…Remove the possibility by prohibiting the possible! That is the making of a good bill.”

It matters not what the Act or bill or amendment states, or what the proponents state it states, and what they say they want it for or what they claim they will do with it!

Of sole significance to liberty, the security of the Republic, and adherence to the constitution, and therefore to any patriot or oath keeping member of congress, is precisely what is made possible by the wording rather than the wording on it’s face!

Therefore, remove the possibility by prohibiting the possible! That is the making of a good bill! That is the duty of the ‘oath-bound’ ‘watchmen on the wall’, faced with any bill on which he is duty bound to vote.

Look between the lines and behind the lines. That is where all deviants who regularly break oaths grant themselves unconstitutional power! That is how they pilfer the people’s wealth, and with alarming regularity, the people’s lives!

Next on the agenda of those who can best be described as globalists and Orwellian oath-breakers, or constitutionally challenged idiots, was to circle the wagons around their next ‘faux Act’, also with an Orwellian name! In this ‘Freedom act’ they all needed the same thing… a cover for the exposure their spying and tyranny received recently… especially a cover granting pretend constitutional legitimacy.

Odd, most of the FED backers will join the circle and support another unconstitutional Act, including the Canadian candidate for POTUS! Who saw that coming? (hit head)

It is all theater! It is not even good theater. It is painful, shameful, embarrassing theater, and the people are watching!

It becomes more amazing that these fat senators, so illustrative of the Roman Senate sitting on couches ‘sipping their juice’, looking down through the clouds below, from under which the masses faint rumble increases in fury, continue growing their gerth of impudence, their disdain of oath-keeping, and their craving of gain, all the while puffing and SenatePigspouting the disinformation of Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’.

What an out of touch, disingenuous, Orwellian, utopian, crowd of pigs they have become. They are ripe and begging to be removed from their cozy retirement homes in DC!

They are cowards running, one and all, sorely afraid to spill blood in the cause of protecting the God given Bill of Rights, but completely willing to spill blood to make the world their serfdom!

The only safety they are sworn to uphold is the safety of the Republic. Giving up the Republic and its God given freedom is the antithesis of that duty!

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it!


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