Sad… some seem to know so little about the Ron Paul concept of, “…one Paul or another…”!

Some, not just on Popular Liberty, either not having been washed by the battles of years past, or possibly, shall I charitably say, having endured too much of the digestive juices of your pick of any of the political parties, seem to know little about what has become known as ‘The Ron Paul concept of the liberty candidate’. Not enough anyway to be able to grasp that very simple but ‘liberty tree nourishing’ truth.

Liberty, when it means limited constitutional government, ending the counterfeiting of the FED and all that Hydra’s heads, like no win wars, the return of sound money, the sanctity of life and the ownership of both property as well as the ownership of personal responsibility… describes the character, the principles, and the hopes of any candidate who is given the appellation of a ‘one Paul or another’!

True Ron Paul folks find watering the tree of liberty a light task. Sometimes it is even the last fight for which they take breath. They know the depth and simplicity of the Ron Paul concept of the liberty candidate. They almost subconsciously know when they meet “One Paul or Another”!

Because they understand this Ron Paul vision of Liberty, they are not hung up on any party, on any vice, or any pretty buffoon. For them it is far better to be ‘hung up’ on “One Paul or Another”, and how to take that nomination all the way downtown!

Thanks in large part to Ron Paul it’s improving, but still many precincts don’t quite yet recognize any particular “One Paul or Another” for the gold they are to the ‘serfs’ that liberty has become.

So again I ask, do you have any plans to help save such a Liberty for your children? If so, what are you going to tell your precinct?

Who will you recommend they support?

You don’t have to get too hung up on “One Paul or Another”… but at least just help win the nomination for them this time!

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it!


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