The duty of providing safety is solely… the duty to preserve the Republic!

The duty of providing safety, so loudly touted by the warmongers who have become oath-breakers in congress, is in reality a duty to preserve the safety of the Republic!

It is a duty to defend as watchmen on the walls, the safety of liberty, regardless of the amount of blood required to water the tree of that Liberty!

Therefore the blather, the disinformation about making us safe, has become a contradiction with the congressional duty to protect liberty.

I do not see Congress proposing to bring the troops home so they do not get hurt, so they can be safe.

No, they instead attack the liberty for which the troops ostensibly are sent to kill, or die!

This contradiction has the blessing of Orwell, and has enjoyed so far the confusion of the masses!

Arguing that a policy of big Orwellian government is good or bad based on the presence or absence of attacks upon our soil, is not relevant to our God given Rights!

Patriots should clearly state, “bring it on”, to those who wish to chip away at the foundations of our Republic, who would arrogantly undermine our freedoms!

‘Bring it on, and we will find your supporter, your source, your country of origin!’ Our servant officers who respect the Bill of Rights are very good at this!

‘Bring it on… and learn what patriots shed to water the tree of liberty!’


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