The time has come… it is Paul vs. un-Paul!

It is, like 2008 & 2012, a race between but two people… Paul versus un-Paul!

Think about it! If you understand the relevance of the FED, and that means its significance over ALL EVENTS AND CANDIDATES OF THE LAST SEVERAL DECADES, then you might just begin to grasp that:

1) ALL the current events or issues, national and international, war, or socialism, or borders, or markets, rich versus poor, race and religion, are, as best the CFR can orchestrate… fixed, to obfuscate the fact that there is a singular ‘anti-FED’ candidate!


2) ALL the candidates announced to run for POTUS, from both parties, including Gary Johnson if he announces against Paul again, are by design or in principle, running as one against the anti FED PAUL!

That single-candidate issue they hide under the smoke and behind all the obfuscating rhetoric, is…



All the wars of the past 100 years, the pharmaceutical growth into the hundreds of billions, the bloating of the military industrial complex, the vulgar increase in health care costs and absurd procedures, the educational system worship and its useless cancerous growth, the loss of wealth by the masses to a vulgar and abominable enrichment of the politically connected, the corporate fascists, giant bankers, and the crony capitalists… ALL HAVE BEEN FACILITATED AND FINANCED BY THE FED!

God calls it an abomination! It is forbidden not just in the Ten Commandments, but in nearly every organized religions of the world. It is spoken of as ‘the corrupt and evil disease which takes from a man what God has given him to enjoy of the fruit of his labor!

The FED is the HYDRA of all the heads which are now feeding at the trough of this unbiblical ‘FALSE BALANCE’!

‘SAVE THE FED’, is the unspoken single issue of the second candidate in this nomination race. He goes by the name of un-Paul!

‘Saving the FED’, is the baby buggy around which the party bosses of both gangs have circled their invisible wagons. Without their big baby buggy, 99% of the HYDRA”S heads, corrupt influences and agencies in International tribunals, in the Federal government, the States, as well as the County and most big City governments, will stop sucking nourishment, stop breathing, fail, and die for lack of FIAT to keep them alive! So will the perfidious oath-breakers who have chewed up and swallowed the ill-gotten gain!

I pray for that day!

Pray that the people will see the duality of this race, the singularity of all the oath-breaker buffoons. They have become, from many, but one candidate. Naively or intentionally, they now ‘think in slogans and talk in bullets’, but see nothing in the constitution to which they actually believe they need return!

I pray for the awakening of the grassroots, to choose for the nomination…

… Paul over un-Paul!


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