There are only two candidates… Jeb & the ‘Hun’ are but part of one!

Since 2008 there have been but two candidates running for POTUS!

They are… Paul vs. un-Paul!

It is the same again.

There are currently dozens of ‘un-Pauls’, but there is only one Paul!

The only baby in the Neocon buggy around which they have circled their wagons since 2007, is saving the FED from exposure and extinction! The only cause of their discomfiture is the emergence of Ron Paul and now Rand Paul! There is no hiding the threat to the FED regardless of seeming differences between the two!

It matters not to either party who defeats a Paul! It matters not but for minor bragging rights who soils the Oval office!

Both parties have for a long time enjoyed the Carroll Quigley strategy of:

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
at every chance pretend to run;
for if ‘Tweedle’ wins, or perchance Tweedle does,
either would intend to suck the FED thumb!

For that reason alone, Sen. Rand Paul should be aided in seizing the nomination! The rest will be downhill and the Neocons know this very well and fear!


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