To those of you who sound like you don’t mind serfdom…

You know who you are. We have read your rants against Paul, this time as well as the last election! Don’t bother to tread on Rand Paul anymore. He is not going away!

The dis-info trick, the Tokyo Rose ploy, the trying to dishearten the patriots fighting for freedom campaign, will not work anymore. Sorry… it is too late for that!

Even Faux news, Donald the Trumpet Buffoon Perot, Messianic Ben, and all the other pro-FED distractions are really getting worried! That is why most of the media spends so much time trying to keep the Paul name out of the media!

Yes, some of the former Ron Paul followers, who did not really understand what he said, like the serfs, still vote with their bellies. They cannot seem to get out of the rant mode about the strategies employed to get Rand to where he is today, and actually still think that if they ran the same campaign as last time the outcome would be different. But fear not… they will vote right, when the right time comes.

Sorry, but you just might have to deal with personal responsibility, freedom, smaller government with no handouts, and people having gotten out of your way, in the future! That might sound hopeless and scary to you. But for those who understand all that Ron Paul fought for the past 40 years, it is a very acceptable outcome.

It is time now we carried the fight politically into the precincts, the nomination, and victory!

We have no more time for propaganda or disinformation from those apparently disconsolate, suicidal, serf types!

Paul/Paul 2016! Get used to it! Then get with it!


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