You have all heard the ‘sentimental serfdom’ this week!

You have all the heard of the ‘sentimental serfdom’ this week!

‘It’s time we all get together. You know, make love, peace, oneness, and all that! ‘

It was expressed just this week on a syndicated radio show, from a caller who expressed frustration with the historical Confederate battle flag ‘problem’. It became such a problem for Lindsey Graham, in another of his lame attempts to set up Rand Paul, that he nearly shed tears while rolling his eyes… again. Of course it didn’t work! Paul just went and spoiled it by bringing up that nasty state’s rights thing again! The very issue which infuriates the haters of the confederate battle flag.

But I digress.

The caller on the Savage Nation show, went on to say he had decided that the flag should go, that ‘we ALL should get together, we should ALL come together!’ As if to say this was the peaceful way, the loving way for America!

Hogwash! That is exactly what the UN, the FED, the bankers, globalists one and all, have been pushing for centuries! The dream of tyrants the world over, time immemorial!

The best freedom, the beauty of liberty, and peace of private property, is found solely in the uniqueness of humankind as individuals, given natural rights by their creator, and most definitely, not by their peers!

That liberty will be only found alive when the most powerful unit of authority remains first the family, then slightly larger and weaker authority, the village; then the city; then the county.

Though with very little authority and very little to do, we should not forget the sovereign state!

Now I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that, in America there is the union of sovereign states. The smallest unit and farthest from the people, therefore the weakest, the least endowed with duty. It, by its particular construction, protects for their favor and liberty, the common law and unique freedoms each state’s citizens might not have sufficiently protected through the use of their own unique State structure.

There are after all only a very few tasks better handled by the whisk broom of that lowest of all servants, the government in Washington DC! Very few… in fact only 17 duties!

In the scheme of life and government that is microscopic!

Therefore, in the hyperbole surrounding the flags, let us remain independent in ideas and thoughts, unique in our flags, truthful as to history!

Let each state do as it chooses! Let each politician also, and in the final analyses, enjoy or suffer the consequences!

Then let each sovereign state suffer the consequences of bad servitude, bad decisions, and an irate body of free men and women!

Coming together is not only the utopian dream of the tyrant and banker; it is an un-free, unworkable serfdom!


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