Are we ‘Chicken Little’… or will we vote Freedom with our feet?

We constantly hear from the ‘Chicken Little’s’ who are stuck in Middle Ages superstition. They shout that all is hopeless! They seem silent on sound advice, but loud with sheer ignorant RonPaul Book lg poster from 2008 Conventiondespair.

But why should we surrender to serfdom? “Where there is breath there is life, and where there is life there is hope.”

All such doom and gloom changes nothing in our Constitution nor alters our duty to pursue Liberty. It alters nothing of what remains available to us to resist the danger and reverse the serf-bound track down which we plummet!

The constitution spells out for us the method of correcting the errors of the past and present. Ron Paul stated this on many occasions. Those who understand this cannot forget his famous retorts to the simplistic and constitutionally challenged Huckabee, in the debates of ’08. Ron Paul: “…NO! I’m saying we should take our marching orders from our constitution. … when we make a mistake… it is the obligation of the people through their representatives to correct the mistake, not continue the mistake…”.

One common complaint is in the counting of votes. Counting ballots within each and every precinct before sending them up the line to be totaled with other precincts was the standard way of voting for more than a century in America! It is the only fool proof method of defeating encroachments however egregious, upon our right of suffrage.

It is entirely in the hands of the people to correct this most serious and intended inadequacy! Doing so will completely remove the real and supposed fraud found today in the voting system. It will remove one cause célèbre for which these Chicken Little’s wish to throw in the towel and fade away into an obscure dark ages serfdom!

What is required to change back to this system varies from state to state. It is within the powers of all grassroots supporters of liberty to ferret this solution out for their own state and county. Some states have initiative processes which can serve the purpose, if the grassroots can break through to the spellbound minds of the voters.

Another solution exists for the outcome of both the nomination process as well the general election. It also rests entirely with the people. The solution which rests entirely in the hands of the people, means voting RIGHT even if voting alone! But even more significantly, voting for freedom, which means voting against the party anointed even if it means writing in the choice of liberty!

Yes… everywhere in this country exists the right to write-in liberty, write-in freedom, and by so doing WHITE-OUT CONGRESS! It is that very process which gives Rand Paul energy going towards the nomination.

There is still some precious time left us to go to the precincts and teach them to vote RIGHT! They will follow your persistent example and haranguing for liberty, because like some here, they are also serf bound by their own laziness! That means they are not gathered together mentally or physically against your arguments. They await only your persistence to break through their fog and apathy!

It is as easy to change any process as it is to go to your neighbor and talk about their pain, explaining the reasons as well the solutions! That may be too much work for many who are the loudest against the darkness of serfdom but silent on solution, but it is not too much work for those who were truly enlightened by Ron Paul to the principles of liberty!

If you do not know how to take a good candidate to your precinct to that purpose, look it up! In most places ballot publicity is given to Write-in Candidates right in the voters’ pamphlet! This is a powerful tool worth its weight in advertising, and often allows pictures and statements to be sent to all the voters, just before the election!

This process should not be overlooked. This may be our last and BEST fallback to win the vote for liberty, of course even after the nomination! It can roll like a brush-fire across America.

The freedom to write in a candidate on the ballot is the least used but most feared freedom still available to the people throughout the land!

Like Ron Paul has stated many times, the solutions are not obscure, not hard, but simply require returning to the constitution! It is our duty to do so. Most states even have ‘right of suffrage’ embedded in their own constitutions! It is another proof of our freedom that we are still able to do so if we so choose. Grasping this right is entirely up to the people, not the Neocons!

The people once again voting, voting against war and the FED, is the globalists and Neocons greatest nightmare!

It is against this feared possibility that all the machinations of this unconstitutional power elite are focusing… focusing as intended distractions, by whatever name and place they chose across the globe!

This is why opposing an enemy of the FED as a national candidate on the ballot is the prime directive of both parties. It supersedes all other issues! It is the reason we have had only two candidates for POTUS the last two cycles, parties irrelevant. It is the reason we again have only two candidates for President… again party not relevant!

For the third time in a row, those two candidates are…

Paul versus un-Paul!

The best conclusion I can give comes from Dr. Ron Paul:

” …The ultimate solution is not in the hands of the government. The solution falls on each and every individual, with guidance from family, friends, and community. …”

“… The #1 responsibility for each of us is to change ourselves with hope that others will follow. This is of greater importance than working on changing the government; that is secondary to promoting a virtuous society. If we can achieve this, then the government will change. …”

“… The Constitution or more laws per se, have no value if the people’s attitudes aren’t changed. …”

“… I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out “the plain truth of things.” The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people world-wide, is to pursue the cause of LIBERTY.”


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